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Join us to learn software programming & latest IT technologies from experts

Computers are an integral part of every career stream. Be it science, humanities, commerce or any other. Having clear fundamentals of computers, software applications and programming is required to succeed in studies and in future career. We can help you with it ….

Our Programs

We help school students, college students & working professionals who want to be expert in software applications programming and learning new age technologies …

We start from basics, help to make  fundamentals strong and build a strong understanding of software application usage and  software programming. We have more than 2 decades of industrial & teaching experience which enables us to fill the gap of needed understanding.

Foundation courses for school students

Learn various software application tools like MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint MS-Word, Tux paint, introduction to computer architecture & programming concepts, Small basic programming, logo, introduction to C++ & java with data structures.
Introduction to database, networking, internet and cloud computing. Any other modules as per school syllabus.

Mastering Java

Learn one of the most sought programming language which changed the programming world.
Start with object oriented principals, class, inheritance, polymorphism, containers, data structures, multi-threading, functional programming, lambda, reflection, serialization, introduction to Swing & JavaFX.

Web Development Boot-up

Learn to develop responsive web-client development using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. No prerequisite, start from basics and make foundation to become an enterprise front-end developer!

Back-end development with Node.Js

Develop backend services with JavaScript using Node.js. Learn Fundamentals, Architecture, build server app, NPM, Event, Asynchronous, Modules, Routers & controllers, File operations, ExpressJS, JSON Databases, Restful API.

NoSQL with MongoDB

Get to know about most preferred ‘NoSQL’ database. Learn Installation, basics, data operations, schema / models / validations, CRUD operations with Node.js and application development.

Mastering C++

Want to dive into world of C++ and start from beginning? We help you to start with basics, Language features, Types, Memory, arrays pointers, functions, classes, Object Oriented Programming, pre-processors and compilation, STL containers, algorithms and iterators, file and streams, multi threading, concurrency and take you to expert level.

Advance JavaScript (ES5/ES6)

Become advance JavaScript programmer by learning latest introductions in ES6 release. ES5/6 objects, events, scope, closure, arrow functions, iterators & generators, prototype, inheritance, classes & modules, promises & proxies, DOM/BOM/Events/AJAX, JSON, design patterns, test & debugging techniques.
Now you are ready to dive in world of JS Frameworks like Node.js, Express, Angular!

Manage your code & work with teams

Learn to work and collaborate with bigger teams working on same project. Master Git and SVN for code sharing and versioning. Use Jira for tasks management and estimations.

Know about Cloud and virtual infrastructure

How web services and cloud applications are developed & deployed in real world? Learn it by getting Introduced to virtualization, Dockers & Containers.

Project development process and planning

How projects and tasks are managed in industries for planned releases and final roll out? Learn it by understanding most demanded Scrum process to work as a part of agile teams.

About us

Edunacor is established by industry experienced faculty in year 2017. We have more than 20 years of experience in software industry and education domain. We have been teaching various computer science subjects including data structure, networking, cloud computing, virtual infrastructure, best software practices & processes and programming languages like C++, Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, Perl and many more since many years. 100s of students have taken the benefit of our vast expertise and made their career in technology fields.
We have been associated with many national and international universities also.

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