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Foundation courses for school students



For students of grade 5th to 12th

Learn computers fundamentals, get exposure to software applications and start with programming



Computer fundamentals


  • Computer architecture
  • Introduction to hardware and software applications
  • What is an operating system
  • Introduction to operating system concepts
  • Introduction to Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu)


Microsoft Word 2016


  • Introduction to MS-Word 2016
  • MS-Word document design and creation
  • MS-Word templates
  • MS-Word review, comments & markup
  • Tables, pictures, smart art, header, footer, signatures, TOC and more


Microsoft Excel 2016


  • Introduction to MS-Excel 2016
  • Table design, data entry, formatting and tabular report creation
  • Work with Excel formulas
  • Excel charts
  • Additional modules as per syllabus


Microsoft PowerPoint 2016


  • Introduction to MS-PowerPoint
  • Templates and designs
  • Tables, Pictures, Charts, Media
  • Transitions & Animations
  • Slideshow & Narrations
Introduction to small basic programming language


  • Introduction to programming fundamentals
  • Small basic statements
  • Variables
  • Loops
  • conditional statements
  • Graphics
  • Small basic classes and their methods
  • Program writing




  • HTML introduction
  • HTML editors to program
  • Tags, HTML page structure, documents, heading, Links, Images, Button, Lists
  • HTML elements , attributes, paragraphs, styles, formatting, Colors, Comments
  • Tables, Lists, Id, Iframes
  • introduction to CSS
  • Introduction to JavaScript


  • JavaScript statements and syntax
  • Variables, operators, Arithmetic
  • Data types, functions, objects
  •  Date, Math
  • Loops & conditions
  • Introduction to DOM & BOM
  • Introduction to JSON




  • Introduction to C++
  • Statements, variables and data types
  • Loops and conditional statements
  • Arrays
  • Introduction to object oriented concepts and C++ classes
  • Pointers
  • Introduction to C++ containers




  • Introduction to Java
  • Statements & variables
  • Data types
  • Introduction to Object oriented concepts (OOPs) and Java classes
  • Loops and conditional statements
  • Useful Java classes


We offer

Mastering C++ programming language

Mastering Java programming language

Web development boot-up course

Advance JavaScript 


Cloud and virtualization

User Interface

About Us

We are team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in industry and teaching. We have gathered our experience by working with latest most technology stack and architecture complex projects.